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Reliability Analysis of UAS Flight Control Systems

This project focuses on designing reliable control systems that guarantee the safe operation of autonomous unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Ensuring this reliability is accomplished by validating the control systems in the sense that these systems are shown to function correctly throughout the flight envelope under various possible uncertainties and exogenous disturbances.

Security Aware Control Algorithms for UAS

This project focuses on designing secure control systems for UAS by ensuring resilience against malicious cyber-physical attacks at both the cyber and physical layers. The work involves the development of systematic methods and procedures for detection and mitigation of malicious attacks against UAS, such as sensor spoofing attacks, actuator attacks, malware attacks, and attacks on the communication network.

Motion Planning and Control of Agile Vehicles

This project focuses on developing an integrated approach for motion planning and control of highly-maneuverable vehicles using pre-specified motion primitives.

Distributed Control of Complex Engineering Systems
This project aims at developing systematic control design algorithms and advanced computational tools for high-performance systems interconnected over general graph structures. The control systems of interest are spatially distributed with the controller sensing and actuation topology inherited from that of the plant. The goal is to integrate robust feedback control methods into the design and construction of distributed systems over arbitrary graphs to ensure stable networks with satisfactory performance despite communication latency and packet loss, exogenous disturbances, and measurement noise.