Appendix G Computational Aerodynamics Programs

Several programs are used to provide insight into aerodynamics. This appendix provides the input instructions for the codes in volume 2.


Finite difference solution of LaplaceŐs equation for flow over a biconvex airfoil. Illustrates SOR, SLOR, AF1 and AF2 schemes. The program was written by Valery Razgonyaev.


Grid generation methods example for single element airfoils.


Solution of the two dimensional laminar and turbulent compressible boundary layer equations using the Cebeci-Smith turbulence model. The program is a slightly modified version of the program contained in the book by Cebeci and Bradshaw (see the text for the complete reference).


Finite difference solution of the transonic small disturbance equation. While TRANFOIL is being prepared, students can use TSDE, which is based on the code in MoranŐs book, with significant modifications, and solves the flow over a biconvex airfoil. TSFOIL2 is a more general small disturbance code by Earll Murman and co-workers, including wind tunnel wall effects, that originated at NASA Ames.

G.5 EriCA

This program solves the 2D Euler equations for flow over airfoils, among other shapes. It was written by Dr. Robert Narducci.


This program solves the Euler equations for flow over an axisymmetric body at zero angle of attack in supersonic flow.


This program provides an example blunt body solution code.

These codes are subject to significant revision, with the objective of becoming entirely independent of codes obtained from copyrighted sources.

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