Draw Mohr's Circle


This Java applet is used to draw any Mohr's circle for 2D stress analysis, given any set of stresses : sigma_x, sigma_y, and tau_xy.

Data Input

The three small windows at the bottom should be typed in with the three stress components: sigma_x, sigma_y, and tau_xy, respectively.


After the data for the Mohr's circle are input, press the button "Draw", then the Mohr's circle can be created; press the button "fill", the Mohr's circle are created and filled with red color. If the Mohr's circles are too small, press the button "size 1" or "size 2" to enlarge them. Whenever the data for the Mohr's circle are modified, press "Draw" or "fill" button to get modified Mohr's circle. Besides, the paramters for the Mohr's circle and calculated principal stresses and maximum shear stress are given too.


Note that the origin of the coorinates is given in the form of O(n, 0). Read the number on the sigma axis and add it to the n to get the final result (multiplied by the scalar).

The source file for Java Applet.