NASA Space Design Guidelines (pdf files)

Space Science Enterprise 2003 Strategy “Roadmaps”

Solar System Exploration
Sun-Earth Connection
Structure and Evolution of the Universe

A Theory for Inflated Thin-Wall Cylindrical Beams
Aerodynamic and Rocket-Exhaust Heating During Launch and Ascent
Assessment and Control of Spacecraft Magnetic Fields
An Assessment of the Technology of Automated Rendezvous and Capture in Space
Buckling of Thin-Walled Circular Cylinders
Buckling of Thin-Walled Doubly Curved Shells
Columbia Accident Investigation Board Report Volume 1
CONTOUR Mishap Investigation Board Report
Damping Mechanisms for Microgravity Vibration Isolation
Design-Development Testing
The Earth's Ionosphere
Effects of Structural Flexibility on Spacecraft Control Systems
Entry Thermal Protection
Entry Vehicle Control
Failures and Anomalies Attributed to Spacecraft Charging
Flight Separation Mechanisms
Guidance and Navigation for Entry Vehicles
A Guide to the Program Management Body of Knowledge

Guidelines for the Selection of Near-Earth Thermal Environment Parameters for Spacecraft Designs
A History of Aerospace Problems, Their Solutions, Their Lessons
Human-Rating Requirements and Guidelines for Space Flight Systems
Interplanetary Mission Design Handbook
Lewis Spacecraft Mission Failure Investigation Board Final Report
Magnetic Fields - Earth and Extraterrestrial
Models of Earth's Atmosphere (90 to 2500 km)
Multilayer Insulation Material Guidelines
NASA Orbital Debris Engineering Model
NASA Systems Engineering Handbook
Natural Vibration Modal Analysis
NEAR Rendezvous Burn Anomaly
Nuclear and Space Radiation Effects on Materials
Passive Gravity Gradient Libration Dampers
Prelaunch Ground Wind Loads
Probability and Statistics in Aerospace Engineering
Propellant Slosh Loads
Staging Loads
Slosh Suppression

The Solar Array-Induced Disturbance of the Hubble Space Telescope Pointing System

Space Elevators: An Advanced Earth-Space Infrastructure for the New Millennium
Space Radiation Protection
Space Tethers: Design Criteria

Space Vehicle Gyroscope Sensor Applications
Spacecraft Aerodynamic Torques
Spacecraft Attitude Control during Thrusting Maneuvers
Spacecraft Earth Horizon Sensors
Spacecraft Gravitational Torques
Spacecraft Magnetic Torques
Spacecraft Mass Expulsion Torques
Spacecraft Radiation Torques
Spacecraft Solar Cell Arrays
Spacecraft Star Trackers
Spacecraft Sun Sensors
Spacecraft System Failures and Anomalies Attributed to the Natural Space Environment

Spacecraft Thermal Control
Structural Vibration Prediction
System Engineering Toolbox for Design-Oriented Engineers

Tether Transportation System Study

Tether Technology Interchange Meeting
Tethers in Space Handbook (prefatory)
Tethers in Space Handbook (chapter 1)
Tethers in Space Handbook (chapters 2,3,4)
Tethers in Space Handbook (chapters 5-8)
Transient Loads from Thrust Excitation

United States Control Module Guidance, Navigation, and Control Subsystem Design Concept
WIRE Mishap Investigation Board Report

Working on the Boundaries: Philosophies and Practices of the Design Process